Welcome to Random Motion's iPod/iPad animation page, where for $13, you can order five animated sequences by Ruth Hayes to download and play on your iPad or iPod Photo or Video.  

How to soothe the savage beast?
         These animated sequences explore the free zone between animated and still images and is an extension of my work making flipbooks.

Flipbooks, and other pre-cinema devices such as thaumatropes, zoetropes and praxinoscopes, are "philosophical toys"–toys that make you question the illusions they reveal. Between 1979 and 1990, I designed and published nineteen flipbooks and sold them at stores and by mail order. I still sell several from my web site, but many of them have gone out of print and have been waiting in the wings for new opportunities to come to life.

Two amphibians warm up to each other

An all-consuming relationship
Digital technology offers such an opportunity in the form of first the iPod Photo and now the iPad. If you download these files of animated images, you can enjoy the handheld freedoms of a flipbook, flipping forward or backward through sequences , or pausing to “read” a picture more closely.

With an iPad or iPod, instead of flipping pages, you scrub or scroll through images. These scrubbing and scrolling motions even allow you to “scratch” the animation to play with the mini-cycles within each sequence, or time the motion live to sync with music from another source! I’m happy to offer the five titles on this page to you, newly resurrected for the digital age.

The former President demonstrates his "hands-off" management style

A general's demons get the better of him

Click on the "Buy Now" button to pay for the sequences through PayPal. I will email you zipped files and instructions for downloading within 2 days of receiving notice of your payment. After you receive the files and unzip them, follow the simple installation instructions to load the animation onto your iPad or iPod.

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