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After I made my first two films, "Eggs" and "Body Sketches", I wanted to find another way to get my animation out into the world. Inspired by my faculty advisor at Harvard, George Griffin, who had been making flipbooks as part of his animation practice for a while, I photocopied sequences of drawings from the films, collated and bound them. I sold copies for $1.50 at Seattle's and/or gallery in 1979 as part of the "Suspended Animation" show curated by Maxine Martell.

The following year, I made new titles "Dolphin Cycle", "Hot Licks" and "Running Octopus". I sold these through the "and/or Store" that the gallery held during the Christmas season to highlight work by local artists. These books were photocopied in black and white and bound with a dutch lap stapler rented from Handy Andy Rent-a-Tool. Friends helped collate them. I made about $150 (which more than covered one month's rent...).

In 1981, I published "TV Dinner" inspired by work I was doing in the Seattle Public Schools with children. In 1982, I decided I needed to find a better way to mass produce the flipbooks. I was introduced to Maura Shapley and Jack LeNoir of Day Moon Press. They printed new editions of all my books thus far. I still did all the collating, working in their shop. That began a collaboration that lasted well into the '90s, through the period of time when The Real Comet Press published a selection of old titles as well as 6 new ones.

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